3 Timeless Ideas of Subway Tile Bathroom

Bathroom may not be the main area that can act as the attention catcher, but it is still important to make sure that the bathroom looks nice. One of the methods to uplift the class is to have subway tile bathroom. And, in fact, this bathroom styling can later be decorated in such way to maximize the appearance. Below are our pick of 3 timeless ideas. We saw famous designers’ creations and got inspired. We realize that each of them is easy and simple, though actually is very clever and classy in the installation.

subway tile in bathroomAs time passed by, subway tile settings have experienced many changes. And nowadays, subway tile bathroom is coming livelier. First idea of it that we think is timeless is mixing classic white tiles with brown. Part of the walls is covered with white tiles, while other part is painted in solid cocoa brown. To offer enjoyable transition, tinted grout shown up in slight brown color is the correct choice. Second idea that we think is timeless is combining classic with tiles with popping colors. Jewel-like green wall strip shown up in mosaic tiles can enliven the atmosphere of a bathroom. To complement the cleanliness of white tiles, go with mosaic tiles that are rounded on its edges and paint the upper wall with light aqua.

Finally, the idea that we think is timeless is tiles in sunny tones. Seeing a bathroom in white over and over again may not suit the taste of some people, and thus we are here with a bathroom nuance that’s relatively bright. The tiles in golden yellow can be the special treatment to the tub surrounds, as it develops dynamic towards the space. Variegated yellow for the wall and floorboards will overwhelm the bathroom, and so subway tile bathroom may be another solution for a great bathroom.

blue subway tile bathroom

gray subway tile bathroom

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Written By arifafriyonni