4 Best Ideas of Single Bathroom Vanity

Single bathroom vanity is just flexible for both small and large bathroom. Among all ideas, we are now going to exhibit 4 most inspirational ones from famous designer that you may favor. Let’s start with the arrangement for smaller space of bathroom. First off, we have the creation of Moon Design+Build. Learning from it, we realize how single vanity can work very optimal. Despite the room smallness, the vanity is just fit, even enough to store things and provide freeness in the room. It is a U-shaped bathroom, where the showering spot and window is facing each other, while the vanity is situated on the third section. The practical cupboard looks nice with solid white countertop to keep the bathroom clean. Second off, we have the creation of M Studio West. It is an asymmetric hexagonal vanity with its two corners attaching to the wall intersection, while the three others are facing the room acting as vertical drawers. Such a very interesting item! Not to mention the striking marble countertop.

unique bathroom vanities smallMove on to two more ideas of single bathroom vanity to be utilized in larger space of bathroom. Basically, the vanity for large bathroom is something to not worry about, since the largeness is able to contain everything in sizes and shapes. But after checking out these ones, we know it requires some unique single vanity to add up outstanding-ness. First off, we have the creation of Mayden Architects. It actually is a very modest vanity but it blends well with the broadness of the room, thanks to floating model which even presents more space underneath and on each side of it. Finally, we have the creation of LDA Architecture. The vanity is located lengthwise, along the largest wall. The numerous drawers painted in rainbow stripes perform liveliness.

So, now, which single bathroom vanity is your favorite?

bathroom vanity single sink

single sink bathroom vanities

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Written By arifafriyonni