3 Best Designs of Unique Bathroom Vanities

Unique bathroom vanities will not only add interest to the space, but also offer functionality one hasn’t imagined. Not only the expert in acting as the room’s focal point, unique vanity will stand as enjoyable spot to store bathroom necessities and do all bathroom basis. We have prepared 3 best designs of it that’s going to please and even inspire you. First off, our pick for unique vanity goes to the vanity of Lindsey Lang Design that looks very eclectic below, but modern at the same time through its upper side. It’s a beautiful twist for the bathroom, when worn-looking coat of paint meets the solid block vessel.

unique bathroom vanity mirrorsSecond off, our pick goes to the asymmetric vanity of Haitani Design. The vanity has that X factor that attracts us right away since the very first time seeing it. Like no other unique bathroom vanities; this one is really unique through is seesaw-like shape. A drawer touches the ground while the other is floating on the opposite side. The one that unites them is a table for bowl-shaped fashionable sink. Our last pick goes to the completely floating vanity of White Crane Construction. Still upholding the concept of floating-ness that seems to trend this year and beyond, this vanity is situated without touching the ground but indeed like connecting to opposite wall. It eventually provides storage space underneath because the floor is being freed up from furniture like no ordinary bathroom retreats.

Thankfully, bathroom vanity goes more and more unique day by day. It comes in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to be utilized effectively and aesthetically. There are so many brave and unique bathroom vanities out there you may check out, but above are what we think are the greatest to apply for real. So, which one pleases you the most?

unique bathroom vanities ideas

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Written By arifafriyonni