The Signature of Primitive Bathroom Décor

While some people don’t really pay attention of how their bathroom looks like, we believe that the stylishness of the bathroom will affect the value of a house. One incredible idea to retreat the bathroom is the primitive bathroom décor. It is simple to be done, but surprisingly turn a bathroom optimally into something different and fashionable. First of all, the basic of the decoration itself is taken from early American eras, so the elements seen in primitive decoration will present the beauty of antiqueness.

primitive bathroom decor cheapAlthough we are living in modern era, primitive bathroom décor is still lovable to apply. It’s like the more modern the trend is the more we want something from the past to be brought in our house. Primitive decoration is linked with the image of American colonials which somehow also invites the nuance from Mother Nature. Basically, what make primitive decoration is right away grabbing attention are the dominant fibers, colors and accents. First of all, primitive decoration is about woven cloth that can be utilized for the window treatments and shower curtains. Second off, the color is rather natural and the representation of aged concept.

Second off, the colors in primitive decoration represent the agedness and are rather natural. Harvest tones, such as pine, yellowish pumpkin, apple red, and berries are the divas. Since it is “primitive” the wall should be painted, not covered with wallpaper. To sum up the room altogether, the painted wall may be complemented with wall arts in darker shades. Finally, the accents that make primitive decoration strong like no other themes. Wooden basket or carved bowls with ribbon are preferable for the storage. The most popular item may be a large barn star made from tin to hang on the wall. Wreaths and flowers in a vase will also sum up the primitive bathroom décor.

primitive country bathroom decor

primitive bathroom decor

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Written By arifafriyonni